Graduate and entry-level career opportunities in local government allow you to use and develop your education, skills and knowledge.


Structured graduate programme for specific skills areas


The local government sector has a structured three-year Graduate Programme for specific skills areas. You can find out more about that here


Graduate and entry level opportunities 


As well as the structured Graduate Programme, opportunities for recent graduates span a whole range of areas including: 

•    Administration 
•    Architecture 
•    Climate action
•    Conservation and heritage  
•    Engineering
•    Planning
•    Human Resources
•    Finance and accounting 
•    Archaeology 
•    Fire services 
•    Building control and surveying 
•    Information Technology 
•    Trades
•    Libraries
•    Tourism
•    Biodiversity
•    Marketing and communications
•    Technicians


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Why local government? 

Not only are there great roles on offer, but there are also other benefits to working in the local government sector. 

We value our employees and want to support them to develop their careers. We offer flexible working arrangements, a positive work environment, training and development opportunities, a defined career path and the opportunity to make a difference.

Dynamic work environment

We offer a dynamic work environment where you can work with committed colleagues and engage in meaningful and interesting work right from the start.

Learning and development 

Local authorities are committed to providing ongoing learning and development opportunities so that employees can develop to their full potential. Employees are encouraged to expand their existing skillsets via training programmes or gaining extra qualifications. 

Support and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are core values of the local government sector.  We recognise and value the importance of attracting and welcoming a workforce that is responsive, accessible, resilient, and reflective of the community it serves.

Flexible working and leave 

Depending on the nature of the work, local authorities may offer blended working and flexible hours. You will also benefit from generous annual leave as well as the opportunity to avail of study leave, paid maternity leave, career break and other leave options.

Competitive and transparent salaries 

Incremental annual salary scales apply to most roles in the local government sector.

Pension benefits 

Local government sector employees are automatically enrolled in a public sector pension scheme.


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