Working in the local government sector provides you with excellent pension benefits, including a lump sum and an annual pension at retirement.  Local government sector employees are automatically enrolled in a pension scheme (also called a superannuation scheme).


Single Public Sector Pension Scheme 


The Single Public Sector Scheme applies to all pensionable first-time entrants to the public service, as well as to former public servants returning to the public service after a break of more than 26 weeks. The Single Public Service Pension Scheme is a career-average defined benefit pension scheme. Through your contributions, you will build up two types of retirement benefits over time - a lump sum you receive on retirement and an annual pension from retirement.  For full information on the scheme including on contributions and benefits you can visit

Local Government Pension Schemes

Those recruited to the local government sector prior to January 1st 2013 will be members of other pension schemes, administered by the employing authority. Further information on these schemes will be in the candidate information booklets provided by the recruiting organisation.