What is your career background? 

I began my career in the community services section of Carlow County Council in 2002. Since then, I have worked in six very different departments of the council. Four years ago I became Acting Environmental Awareness Officer and have recently secured the post permanently. I was thrilled when I got this role as environment and climate action are issues that I am passionate about. I enjoy working with the people of Carlow and their communities in delivering on environmental protection, climate action and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

What does your role involve? 

It’s a very broad role working across education and awareness, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, litter and waste energy, biodiversity, air, water and more at local, regional and national level. The calendar is always very full!


On any given day I could be delivering workshops, dealing with policies and submissions, working on awareness campaigns, dealing with local problems like waste management issues, etc. My role involves lots of networking and building relationships with a very diverse population to help them make the positive changes needed to lead an environmentally sustainable life. 

What are the most rewarding things about working for a local authority?


I am a people’s person and if you are like me there are lots of opportunities to help people when you work for local authority. I love the fact you can have a positive impact on individuals' lives.  You can empower people to make positive changes in their life that can affect generations to come.


I enjoy the diversity in the types of people that I am dealing with too – from large businesses to the local mother and toddler groups and everybody in between. I am proud that I have the opportunity to make a positive change for future generations – as a grandmother that is especially important to me now.

Why should someone consider a career with their local authority?


There is a role for every personality type in the council. There are lots of opportunities for education, training, and career progression. There is great comradery among colleagues too.


There is potential to match your skill set to a particular job and lots of opportunities to upskill and learn in every department. Lots of skillsets are transferable across department – in my current role, I regularly utilise the networks I built when I worked in the community section.


I am a proud Carlow woman and through my job I now know every corner of my county and enjoy working with all kinds of groups to make Carlow a better place to live, study work and visit.