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Executive Accountant





Candidates shall be of good character.

Candidates shall be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.


Each candidate must, on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms:

• Possess a professional accountancy qualification and be a member of a recognised body of accountants and
• Have satisfactory experience of accountancy work, including management accounting and/or financial accounting.
• Be experienced in the management of staff and
• Possess a knowledge of public sector finance





1. The employment is wholetime, permanent and pensionable.
Persons who become pensionable employees of a Local Authority who are liable to pay the Class A rate of PRSI contribution will be required in respect of their superannuation to contribute to the Local Authority at the rate of 1.5% of their pensionable remuneration plus 3.5% of net pensionable remuneration (i.e. pensionable remuneration less twice the annual rate of social insurance old age contributory pension payable at the maximum rate to a person with no adult dependant or qualified children).

Persons who become pensionable employees of a Local Authority who are liable to pay the Class D rate of PRSI contribution will be required in respect of their superannuation to contribute to the Local Authority at the rate of 5% of their pensionable remuneration.

All persons who become pensionable employees of a Local Authority will be required in respect of the Local Government (Spouses and Children’s Contributory Pension) Scheme to contribute to the Local Authority at the rate of 1.5% of their pensionable remuneration in accordance with the terms of the Scheme.


Where persons who are not already employees of a Local Authority are employed, the following provisions shall apply:
(a) there shall be a period after such employment take effect during which such persons shall hold such employment on probation,

(b) such period shall be one year but the Chief Executive may at his or her discretion extend such period,

(c) such persons shall cease to hold employment at the end of the period of probation unless during such period the Chief Executive has certified that the service of such persons is satisfactory


€48,978 - €63,672 per annum.

The salary shall be fully inclusive and shall be as determined from time to time. Holders of the post shall pay to the Local Authority any fees or other monies (other than their inclusive salary) payable to or received by them by virtue of their post or in respect of any services which they are required by or under any enactment to perform.


This position is a senior position within the Finance Function reporting to the Financial Management Accountant. The successful candidate will be responsible for modernising and managing change in the Finance Function. They will be responsible for introduction of new initiatives, policies and procedures and working with multidisciplinary teams.

The successful candidate must demonstrate the following competencies:

• Highly developed oral and written communication skills, including negotiation, report writing, and presentation skills.
• A high degree of analytical, conceptual, and problem solving skills.
• Highly developed relationship management and interpersonal skills and a capacity to promote co-operation, trust, and openness amongst staff and customers.
• Ability to determine priorities and organise workloads in order to produce quality output within tight time-frames.
• Proven ability to work under pressure and think laterally in dealing with a wide range of issues.
• Ability to effectively manage risk, procurement, and resources.
• Ability to effectively manage a team of employees, including undertaking performance management processes.
• Extensive experience in leading, developing and implementing financial and resource allocation strategies.
• Knowledge of accounting methods, procedures, processes and contemporary management accounting techniques and principles.
• Experience in the identification of critical / significant financial issues and briefing management of same
• Excellent working knowledge of integrated financial management systems, Microsoft software, and other relevant software packages

It is desirable that the successful candidate be able to demonstrate knowledge of Agresso FMS or other major financial management system


The duties of the post are to give to the local authority, and

(a) such other local authorities or bodies for which the Chief Executive, for the purposes of the Local Government Acts 2001 and 2014, is Chief Executive, and

(b) to any other local authority or body with which an agreement has been made by the local authority, or by any of the authorities or bodies mentioned in subparagraph (a) of this paragraph under the general direction and supervision of the Chief Executive or such other employee as the Chief Executive may from time to time determine, such appropriate management, administrative, executive, supervisory, advisory and ancillary services as may be required by any local authority or body hereinbefore mentioned in the exercise and performance of any of its powers, functions and duties to exercise such powers, functions and duties as may be delegated to him / her by the Chief Executive from time to time, including the duty of servicing all committees that may be established by any such local authority or body. The post holder will, if required, act for an employee of a higher level.

The duties shall include:

• Assisting in the planning, scheduling and preparing the Annual Financial Statement
• Ensuring that the Council adheres to currently accepted accounting standards and relevant codes of practice
• Develop the accounting skills to staff involved in financial activities throughout the Council and provide financial advice and assistant to all departments
• Liaise with internal and external auditors. Provide information to Auditors during the course of their audits as required.
• Assisting in the planning, compilation and preparation of Local Authority Budgets
• Assist in the management and control of the day-to-day operations of the finance department
• Assist in the preparation of monthly / quarterly revenue and capital financial reports, monitoring and review of same, identification of variances and recommendations for corrective actions if required
• Assist in the preparation, implementation and on-going review of the local authority’s finance plans including management of capital budgets
• Financial planning and analysis including ad-hoc financial analysis and modelling
• Assist in the introduction of reporting structures and systems in line with new requirements of legislation, circulars, value for money reports etc.
• Provide financial advice and assistance to all departments to support the achievement of the corporate objectives and support devolved budgeting structures.
• Promote and assist the implementation of good practice in: Risk Management; Procurement; Value For Money; Shared Services; Efficiency and Effectiveness
• Dissemination of taxation knowledge and monitor and implement internal controls to ensure the local authority is tax compliant
• Monitor and implement / improve internal controls and checks to ensure good financial control, safeguarding of assets of the local authority.
• Ensuring the rapid, timely and accurate preparation of financial and management reports through the use of automated systems
• Manage and develop the team of staff in the Finance function to ensure the highest standards of proficiency and work with a variety of non finance teams
• Other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time

Persons employed will be required to work in any location within the Fingal administrative area.

The duties shall be such as may be assigned to the employee from time to time by the Local Authority and shall include the duty of deputising for other employees of the Local Authority, when required, and such duties as may be assigned to them in relation to the area of any other Local Authority.


For the purpose of satisfying the requirement as to health it will be necessary for successful candidates, before they are employed, to undergo a medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner to be nominated by the Local Authority.


Dependent on relevant Pension Scheme.


A local authority may decide, by reason of the number of persons seeking admission to a competition, to carry out a shortlisting procedure. The number of persons to be invited, in these circumstances, to interview shall be determined by the local authority from time to time, having regard to the likely number of vacancies to be filled.

Selection will be by means of an interview conducted by or on behalf of the local authority. Candidates will be required to pay any expenses incurred by them in attending the interview.

Panels may be formed on the basis of such interviews. Candidates whose names are on a panel and who satisfy the local authority that they possess the qualification declared for the post and that they are otherwise suitable for employment may, within the life of the panel, be employed as appropriate vacancies arise.

The local authority shall require a person to whom employment is offered to take up such employment within a period of not more than 6 weeks and if he or she fails to take up the employment within such period or such longer period as the local authority in its absolute discretion may determine, the local authority shall not employ the person.

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