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General Services Supervisor


Candidate Information Booklet
(Please read carefully)

Post of: General Services Supervisor

Closing Date: 4.00pm
Friday, the 18th January 2019
Completed Application Forms (4 copies) should be submitted to:
Human Resources Department
Laois County Council
Aras an Chontae
Co. Laois.



Laois County Council is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the above competition. Laois County Council will, following the interview process, form a panel for the post of General Services Supervisor from which future relevant vacancies may be filled.


The General Services Supervisor (GSS) is an outdoor, frontline, supervisory line management role which includes responsibility for management of staff and budgets. The GSS is also one of the Council’s key representatives on the ground on a day to day basis and is often the first point of contact in emergency and crisis management situations. The ideal candidate will be a highly motivated adaptable and flexible person, with a strong sense of commitment to delivering quality public services who must also demonstrate a clear knowledge and understanding of:
• Local authority services, its key stakeholders and relationships
• Local government structures and its democratic role and mandate
• Health & Safety legislation and regulation
• Importance of fostering and maintaining wide ranging productive working relationships both internally and externally to the organisation
• Public Service values
• An understanding of the interrelationship between IW and the Local Authority.

The GSS may be assigned to any of the Council’s functional areas, as required, e.g. Roads, Water Services, Environment, etc.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate through their application form and at the interview that he/she possesses the following skills and attributes and also have a good technical knowledge base and experience/knowledge of the following:

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Managing teams and individual performance
• Budget management
• Planning and costing of projects
• Project management of small works contracts
• Managing Health, Safety and Welfare in the workplace
• Operating standard office ICT systems and packages
• Administration and report writing
• Prioritising of work effectively
• Acting on own initiative
• Dealing effectively with conflicting demands
• Working under pressure to tight deadlines
• Dealing with the public


(1) Each candidate must be of good character.

Each candidate must be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

Each candidate must on the latest date for receipt of completed application forms must:-

(a) Have a standard of education that would enable him/her to efficiently perform their duties, and must be capable of making satisfactory reports (including written reports) on matters pertaining to the duties of the post.
(b) Hold a full, clean European communities model driving licence category B, a copy of which must be submitted with the application form.
(c) Hold a current Safepass Card, a copy of which must be submitted with the application form
(d) have appropriate multifunctional experience relative to the position and in particular should have experience in a supervisory capacity in dealing with both skilled and unskilled workers. Candidates should be competent and have such training or experience as shall be considered acceptable by the Council to enable the person appointed to perform the duties of the post. In particular candidates should have satisfactory knowledge and experience of the following matters:

i. Satisfactory knowledge of civil engineering works.
ii. Be capable of translating into effect civil engineering works from working drawings.
iii. A satisfactory knowledge of Civil Engineering Constructions Techniques including plumbing, pipelaying, blocklaying, water and drainage systems, together with a working knowledge of maintenance and repairs of buildings, roads, sewers, open spaces and other services for which the Council has responsibility.
iv. Be capable of writing clear and concise reports, keeping work records and measuring and recording accurately the quantities of work done by those supervised.

In addition, the following are desirable:
• Possess the QQ1 in Water and/or QQ1 In Wastewater Certificate
• A working knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook
• Knowledge of software packages and systems such as Mapinfo, Arc GIS, Agresso, Oracle, Maximo and Click.


(1) The post is whole time, permanent and pensionable.

Persons who become pensionable employees of a local authority under the Single Public Service Pension Scheme will be liable to pay the Class A rate of PRSI contribution will be required in respect of their superannuation to contribute to the local authority at the rate of 3.5% of their net pensionable remuneration plus 3.0% of pensionable remuneration.


The salary shall be fully inclusive and shall be as determined from time to time. The holder of the position shall pay to the local authority any fees or other monies (other than inclusive salary) payable to and received by him/her by virtue of his/her position or in respect of services which he/she is required by or under any enactment to perform.

In accordance with EL02/2011 persons who are not serving Local Authority employees must be placed on the minimum of the scale. Where a person being appointed is a serving Local Authority employee normal starting pay rules will apply.

The rate of remuneration may be adjusted from time to time in line with government policy.

The current salary is from: €729.24 - €869.99 (weekly)

The duties shall be such as will be assigned from time to time, by the Director of services or by any other person authorised by the Director of Services to do so.

• To supervise workers and to direct workers in his/her area and all works in their charge, completing, verifying time sheets and ensuring that gangs have adequate supplies of materials, tools and equipment for the works in hand.

• To supervise the conditions on all works, maintenance, constructions, depots, under the control of the County Council and in charge of the Supervisor, so as to ensure that they are properly and safely operated in accordance with the relevant legislation.

• To supervise the performance of all machinery and plant in his/her area and to ensure that all plant are properly and safely operated and gainfully employed.

• To supervise, if so directed, the work of any employee who may be appointed in charge of one or more gangers or the work of one or more gangers, craftsmen, lorry drivers or general operatives for execution of works in his/her area, including “Gateway Staff”.

• To be responsible for the efficiency of all roads infrastructure, and other works in the area and to carry out all instructions and furnish any reports, diaries, records or other particulars prescribed by the Area Manager/Area Engineer.

• To respond to reasonable requests for assistance by other bodies/members of the public and to carry out duties outside normal working hours, such as responding to emergencies, which includes operating the Laois County Council “out of hours” on call service.

• To report immediately, the circumstances of any inefficiency or unsatisfactory work or services in his/her charge and to carry out the direction consequent on such reports.

• To carry out inspections (including safety inspections) of staff and works, in accordance with general direction, and to attend on the roads or on works during the normal hours of the Council’s employees.

• To travel, as required, and inspect public roads in his/her area, and to take all necessary steps for keeping them in good repair at all times, subject to the general direction of the Area Manager/Area Engineer.

• To see that all sign posts, warning signs, public lights and litterbins or other notices in his/her area are maintained in a proper condition and to report vandalism of such items.

• To keep all records of work done including material produced, supplied and used, and quantities of work done. To check measurements of loads etc., so as to verify that they contain the amounts specified. He/she should maintain a personal daily diary, which can be inspected at any time. This diary may be electronic or manual. This diary is to include detailed accounts of incidents, which could lead to litigation by others.

• To prepare requisitions through use of the Council’s Agresso Financial Management System for articles or materials required for in his/her area, and for keeping records necessary in relation thereto.

• To be responsible for the custody of all maintenance, and construction materials, tools and equipment in his/her area, and for the keeping of records necessary in relation thereto.

• To liaise with and supervise work carried out by contractors/sub-contractors engaged by the local authority.

• To prepare data necessary to enable the Area Engineer/Area Manager to work out daily or fortnightly costings, or other necessary analysis of expenditure in relation to work done as required.

• To furnish all reports and returns in connection with works, accidents and sundry matter, which may be required from time to time.

• To serve notices on landowners in connection with hedge cutting, spillage’s and the cleaning of drains, and other relevant Statutory notices. To give evidence in Court when required in connection with these matters, or any other matter which are concern of the County Council.

• To keep the Area Manager/Area Engineer advised on all matters, which may be importance in the interest of the County Council and to liaise with other sections of the
Council on works and emergencies.

• To deal with members of the public in a courteous, prompt and efficient manner and to keep
the Area Engineer/Area Manager informed of such dealings.

• To carry out under the direction of the Area Manager/Area Engineer such inspections as
are required under the Health and Safety Acts, Planning Acts, Building Control Acts, Roads Act, Litter and Water Pollution Acts, Housing Acts and other relevant Acts.

• To use as directed and upon receipt of appropriate training Information Technology
equipment, digital cameras, personal computers, and hand held technologies.

• To act, if directed, as an Authorised Officer of the Council under the Litter Pollution,
Water Pollution, Waste Management Acts.

• To participate as required in evaluation of subordinates and appraisal by Area
Manager/Area Engineer under PMDS.

• To participate in training provided by the County Council and to facilitate training of

• To participate fully in any initiatives aimed at increasing customer satisfaction/quality of
services to the community

• To supervise and/or liaise with Labour Activation schemes operated by the County Council

• To carry out any other instructions which may be given by the Area Manager/Area Engineer or their Assistants from time to time.

• Have due regard to Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act 2005, and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations, 2013 and any amending legislation.


• To be responsible for all matters pertaining to existing water services installations and such schemes as may be taken in charge by the Council from time to time as indicated by and under the general direction of the appropriate officer.

• To ensure that all works are carried out in compliance with the latest Health & Safety legislation.

• To ensure that all staff are aware of their duties and responsibilities under the latest Health & Safety Legislation.

• To liaise with Laois County Council Engineers and Administrative Staff in the roll-out of agreed initiatives under the IW transformation plan for Water Services.

• To continue to improve the efficient and accurate use of Hand Held Units throughout the Water Services Section of Laois County Council.

• To be aware of the IW Budget for Operations and Maintenance and to consult with Engineers and Administrative staff on areas affecting this budget.

• To deputise and provide cover as required by the appropriate officer for grades of similar status.

• To supervise and assist all staff engaged on water services works including contractors.

• To prepare and submit detailed reports as the occasion demands and as required by the appropriate officer.

• To maintain a diary and ensure that all crews have a 7 day diary, recording works completed or service request raised, duration and time of works, plant, materials and equipment employed and all personnel on site.

• To liaise between the Engineers, the Caretaker, other Council staff, IW, relevant agencies and specialists.

• To assist Engineering and Technical staff in the development of, validation and maintaining of defined district meter areas (DMAs) and to ensure that all loggers are recording and maintained and replaced in a timely fashion.

• To work with Engineers and Technical Staff in identifying priority programmes for Active Leakage Detection and to assign Find Crews to these areas.

• To ensure that where leaks are found, that they are repaired in a timely manner.

• To respond to emergencies, as they arise, in accordance with established procedures.

• To assist in the preparation of work programme on a weekly or monthly basis for his area and for collecting information on usage, flows, etc.

• To ensure that materials requisitioned or purchased for the area are used in it and that the material is charged to the proper code.

• To be acquainted with specialists used by the Council, e.g. Consultant Engineers, Health Board, Fire Brigade, SCADA providers, Electrical and Mechanical Contractors, Pump suppliers, Well Drillers, Meter Suppliers, Craftsmen, General Operatives, etc.

• To be familiar with the various types and classes of water mains and sewerage pipes and fittings in general use, and to know the methods of laying joints, etc. To strive to eliminate wherever possible unsuitable material e.g. lead connections, lead joints, ball hydrants etc.

• To ensure that all water services facilities, stores, chambers, kiosks, marker posts, etc. are regularly repaired and painted by the Caretaker, that grass and weeds are cut or destroyed, that fencing is properly maintained and that the facility is generally kept secure, neat and tidy.

• To supervise the executions of direct labour work and to assist in surveys and land acquisition for new schemes.

• To carry out any other sanitary duties which may be assigned to him from time to time by his line manager or his nominee.

• To use Maximo to schedule Work Orders (WOs) and to ensure that WO’s are closed out in a timely manner.

• To liaise with and advise Laois County Council Water Services Engineers, planning and IW in relation to Taking in Charge Private Housing Estates and Group Water Supply Schemes,

• The General Services Supervisor may also be required to participate in any call-out system for Water Services which may be developed, in Laois County Council.

• Any other duties as may be assigned.

The working hours at present provide for a five day, thirty-nine hours working week , hours may vary from time to time.

The working hours may be reviewed at any time by the Council. The post will require flexibility in working outside of normal hours, including at weekends, as necessary.

The current annual leave entitlement is 25 days per annum, which will be taken in accordance with the Council’s Annual Leave Schedule for Employees.

The terms of the Public Service Sick Pay Scheme will prevail.

The person appointed shall provide his own means of vehicular transport for the discharge of his duties. Travel expenses shall be paid at the appropriate rate. The vehicle must be properly taxed and insured and Laois County Council indemnified against any claims.

Successful applicants will be required to produce their driving licence annually in order to enable the Council to verify the status of the licence. It will be a necessary condition of employment that you own your own vehicle and are in a position to operate it. The loss of your driving licence or the incursion of penalty points could put your continued employment at risk.

The GSS shall have on his/her person, at all times, a valid Safepass card. Should the successful candidate not hold a valid Safepass card, he/she must obtain a Safepass card within a specified period of time, prior to taking up appointment.

a. Shortlisting
The local authority may decide, by reason of the number of persons seeking admission to a competition, to carry out a shortlisting procedure. The number of persons to be invited, in these circumstances, to interview, shall be determined by the local authority from time to time having regard to the likely number of vacancies to be filled. Shortlisting will be based on relevant experience and information submitted on the application form and the requirements of the position as set out.

b. Competitive Interview
Selection of candidates for appointment shall be by means of a competitive interview, conducted by or on behalf of the local authority. The Council is committed to a process of selection on merit, based on fair and open competition. The criteria for judging suitability and ranking will be related directly to the qualifications, attributes and skills required to undertake the duties and responsibilities to the standard required in the post.

c. Panels
Following completion of interviews, a panel may formed, the duration of which is at the discretion of the Council. Panels may be formed on the basis of the interviews from which General Service Supervisor will be employed on a full-time permanent capacity within the life of the panel. Temporary contract positions, as they arise may also be offered, within the life of the panel.

d. References/Documentary Evidence
Each candidate may be required to submit as references the names and addresses of two responsible persons to whom he/she is well known but not related. Candidates may be required to submit documentary evidence to the local authority in support of their application.

For the purpose of satisfying the requirement as to health it will be necessary for a successful candidate, before he/she is appointed, to undergo at his/her own expense, a medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner to be nominated by the local authority. On taking up appointment the expense of the medical examination will be refunded to the candidate.

When a person who is not already a permanent officer of a local authority is appointed the following provisions shall apply, that is to say –

(a) there shall be a period after such appointment takes effect during which such person shall hold such office on probation,

(b) such period shall be 10 months, but the Manager may at his/her discretion extend such period,

(c) such person shall cease to hold such office at the end of a period of probation unless during such period the manager has certified that the service of such person in such office is satisfactory.

The local authority shall require a person to whom an appointment is offered to take up such appointment within a period of not more than one month and is he/she fails to take up the appointment within such period or such period or such longer period as the local authority in its absolute discretion may determine, the local authority shall not appoint him/her.

The superannuation contributions of relevant scheme will apply.

The Single Public Service Pension Scheme (“Single Scheme”) as provided by the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 commenced with effect from 1st January 2013. The act introduces new pension and retirement provisions for new entrants to the public service appointed on or after 1st January 2013. Pension age set initially at 66 years; this will rise in step with statutory changes in the SPC age to 67 years in 2021 and 68 years in 2028. The compulsory retirement age of 70 applies. Otherwise the retirement age of the relevant Scheme applies.

It should be noted that candidates who are in receipt of a Public Service Pension and are rehired in any paid capacity by a Public Service Body may be liable to have their pension abated.

Prior to appointment successful candidates will be obliged to complete a Declaration in relation to previous Public Pensionable Employment.

The holder of the post shall reside in the district in which his/her duties are to be performed or within a reasonable distance thereof.

When your application is received, Laois County Council creates a record which contains personal information you have supplied. The personal information on the application form is used solely in processing your candidature. Such information held is subject to the rights and obligations set out in the Data Protection Acts, 1988 & 2003.

Any attempt by a candidate, or by any person(s) acting at the candidate’s instigation, directly or indirectly, by means of written communication or otherwise influence in the candidate’s favour, any member or employee of the Council or person nominated by the County Council to interview or examine applicants, will automatically disqualify the candidate for the position being sought.

Expenses incurred by candidates in attending interview, etc., will be at the candidates own expense

Laois County Council is an equal opportunities employer

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Contact Details

Laois County Council
Aras an Chontae
James Fintan Lalor Ave
Co. Laois


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