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Retained Firefigher - Portarlington



CHARACTER: Each candidate must be of good character. The County Council may make whatever enquiries it considers necessary to satisfy this condition.

AGE: A Retained Fire-fighter must be not less than 18 and must be under 55 years on the first day of the month in which the latest date for receiving application forms occurs. A birth certificate must be submitted to Laois County Council as proof of age.

RETIREMENT: On reaching 55 years of age, or sooner if found medically or physically unfit to continue, a part-time Fire-fighter shall be required to retire. However, such Fire-fighter have the option to continue working up to age 58 subject to compulsory annual medical assessment measured against agreed standards.

PROBATION: From the date of commencement as part-time Fire-fighter there shall be a period of ten months during which he/she shall be on probation. During this period he/she shall be required, when requested by the Chief Fire Officer, to undergo and successfully complete a Recruits Induction Course and a Breathing apparatus Wearers Course. Such period of ten months may be extended at the absolute discretion of the County Council. The part-time Fire-fighter shall cease to be employed at the end of the period of probation unless the County Council is satisfied that he/she has been satisfactory in all respects. You will also be required to undergo Heavy Goods Vehicle driver training (Class C licence) & successfully pass the appropriate driving test.

HEALTH: Candidates shall be in a state of health such as would indicate reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

Eyesight levels should be uncorrected visual acuity of 6/9, 6/12 or better. (Candidates should check with an optician to ascertain if eligible to avoid unnecessary interviews and expense prior to applying for the position).

MEDICAL Before recruitment a candidate must undergo and pass health and fitness tests
EXAMINATION: in accordance with “An Occupational Health System for members of the retained Fire Service as issued by the Local Government Management Services Board July 2005, in order to qualify for the post. (Refer to enclosed Firefighter Selection Tests).

During the period of employment the person appointed must participate in the Occupational Health Systems as laid down in “An Occupation Health system for members of the Retained Fire Service” as issued by the Local Government Management Services Board July 2005. He/she will co-operate with Laois County Council in arrangements to this end.

A Firefighter who, in the opinion of the Medical Advisor conducting the Occupational Health system, is unsuitable for operational duties as a Firefighter will be required to resign.

EDUCATION AND A candidate must have attained a suitable level of education to enable
SUITABILITY: him/her to undergo successfully the appropriate training and to perform satisfactorily as a part-time Firefighter.

DRIVING LICENCE On date of appointment the successful candidate must possess a current unendorsed full driving licence – Full Manual Category B (car) Licence In addition the successful candidate must have access to a car as he/she may be required to travel to training courses in the course of his/her duties.

DRILLS AND A part-time Firefighter shall attend and participate in drills and shall
FURTHER undergo from time to time courses and further training, including
TRAINING: Breathing Apparatus Training, minimum of 2 weeks, as required or deemed appropriate by the County Council. The location(s) of the training shall be decided by the County Council. Drills shall be held at such frequency as decided by the County Council in its absolute discretion. Adequate advance notice shall be given to Firefighters.

RESIDENCE: (a) The residence and place of normal work of each part-time Firefighter shall be within a distance from the Fire Station, acceptable to the Fire Authority. (As a rough guide a maximum distance of 1½ miles from the Fire Station). If at any time his/her availability is affected by change of work or any other reasons, he/she will be required to resign.

(b) A part-time Firefighter shall be required to report for duty to the fire station in its present location or in the event of change of location, to such new locations that may be decided by the Fire Authority. Changes in the location of a fire station will not result in payment of disturbance money or other compensation.

AVAILABILITY: Written evidence from the employer as to availability must be provided and the County Council, in its sole discretion, shall decide as to whether the availability as so evidenced is acceptable. Self-employed must also provide written evidence as to availability. Such written evidence must cover a candidate’s availability on recruitment for fire and other calls, drills, training and such other duties which the part-time Firefighter may be required by the County Council to perform.

If the County Council deems a part-time Firefighter’s attendance to be unsatisfactory, it may terminate his/her service.

RECRUITMENT: (a) Applicants will be required to attend for interview at their own

(b) Candidates will be required to complete a literacy and numeracy
test as part of the recruitment process.

(c ) The interview board will recommend a panel of suitable
applicants and further vacancies may be filled from the panel.

(d ) Applicants will be required to undergo Garda Vetting procedure

DUTIES: (a) Each part-time Firefighter shall be required to attend at
fires and other emergencies, drills, displays etc, at such times and for such periods as required by the Fire Authority.

(b) Each part-time Firefighter shall operate in accordance with such rostering arrangements as exist, or as may be arranged by the Fire Authority, from time to time, and shall attend with due promptness fire and other calls, emergencies and duties in any part of County Laois and in the area of any other Fire Authority as required by the County Council.

(c) A part-time Firefighter, as and when required, shall perform such duties as are assigned to him/her from time to time. Failure to respond promptly to fire or other calls shall at the discretion of the County Council, result in termination of service.

CLOTHING ETC. While on duty, part-time Firefighter shall use the clothing and personal equipment provided by the Council and such clothing and equipment shall be left in the Station immediately after the cessation of duty. Part-time Firefighter may not use such clothing and equipment save while on duty.

GRIEVANCE AND The terms of the County Council’s Grievance and Disciplinary procedure
DISCIPLINARY shall apply to part-time Fire-fighters.

PROTECTION: When your application is received, Laois County Council creates a record in your name, which contains much of the personal information you have supplied. This personal record is used solely in processing your candidature. Such information held is subject to the rights and obligations set out in the Data Protection Acts, 1988 & 2003.





To complete the test successfully you will need to demonstrate confidence going up the ladder, applying the correct technique and coming down again.

1. You will be required to climb the ladder to two-thirds of its height (10 metre), the ladder is marked to indicate that position.
2. Take a leg lock, release your hands from the ladder, outstretch your arms to the side, and look down to identify a symbol, call out the symbol.
3. Regain your hand hold, remove the leg lock and descend to the ground. You should complete this task in a safe and controlled manner. You will be wearing a full body harness and will be attached to a fall-arrest device.

A safety officer will demonstrate, emphasising the correct mount and dismount from the ladder.

When you reach the point marked on the ladder, you should take a leg lock as shown.

You will have an opportunity to practice the leg lock near the bottom of the ladder.


To complete the test successfully you will need to combine upper and lower body strength and co-ordination and complete the test in 41 seconds.

1. Firmly grasp the carrying handle at the back of the dummy’s head with both hands.
2. Keeping your body upright and your back neutral pick up dummy so that you can straighten your back whilst keeping your legs bent.
3. Drag the dummy from the start cone, walking backwards along the 30m route to the finish line.
4. You will be guided by the assessor so there is no need to turn around to look for the corner.
5. The dummy weighs 50kg.


To complete the test successfully you will need to demonstrate an ability to work and path find in zero visibility conditions.

1. You will be required to negotiate a path through several rooms
2. You will start the test wearing a face mask with obscured vision.
3. Make your way through the door following the left hand wall and proceed along the left hand wall negotiating obstacles and doors as found.
4. The finish will be indicated by the assessor tapping you on the head and saying STOP.
5. You may withdraw yourself from the test at any time or if the safety officers think you are suffering unduly you will be withdrawn from the test.


To complete the test successfully you will need to combine endurance, upper and lower body strength and co-ordination and complete the test within 5 minutes and 47 seconds.

You will be carrying equipment over the length of the course, moving around the two cones, which will cover a distance of 25 metres. The items are laid out in the order which they are to be used.

1. You will start level with the start line holding a hose reel at waist height.
2. Run the hose to the second cone and place it down.
3. Run/jog back to the start and pick up the two coils of 70mm diameter delivery hose (one in each hand).
4. Carry them up and down the course for four lengths, then place one down back in the marked space.
5. Pick up the other by the centre lugs and carry at chest height to the second cone and place it down, then jog three lengths back to the start.
6. Pick up and carry one length of suction hose and one basket strainer up and down the course 4 lengths and place back in marked space.
7. Then run/jog up and down the course 4 lengths.
8. Then pick up and carry the barbell (25kg) up and down the course 4 lengths.

Your time will start when the assessor says 3-2-1-GO!! and will stop when you cross the finish line with the barbell. You do not have to remember the sequence of events as the assessor will guide you. You must not run with equipment other than the hosereel at the start, though you may run or jog when not carrying equipment.

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