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Water & Sewerage Caretaker Grade V






1. Character
Be of good character.

2. Health
Each candidate must be in a state of health such as would indicate a reasonable prospect of ability to render regular and efficient service.

3. Education, Experience and Training

Candidates shall:

 Have a good standard of general education to enable the duties of the post to be performed to the satisfaction of the Local Authority.

 Hold a full clean current driving licence in respect of Category B Vehicles or equivalent in the EU Model Driving Licence.

 Have satisfactory knowledge of construction and maintenance works and public works generally. Knowledge of and previous experience of operation and maintenance of Water and/or Wastewater facilities and networks is desirable.

 Be computer literate and have the ability to use basic computer applications.


 It is desirable that the successful candidate will possess the QQI Level 5 certificate(s) in Water and/or Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations.





1. This employment will be whole-time and is being offered on a permanent basis. You may be assigned to work in any of the Water or Wastewater Operational Areas in Laoisincluding all treatment plants, networks and pumping stations and any treatment works, networks and pumping stations in private estates or Group Water Schemes which may be taken in charge by Laois County Council and which may be transferred to Irish Water in future.

2. You will report to the appropriate Sanitary Services Supervisor within the area to which you are assigned.

3. Water and Sewerage Works Caretaker Grade V wage scale applies. Remuneration range at present per week:

Circular 05/2019 €678.28 - €738.88 after 10 years

4. The employment will be based on the 39 hour, 7 day week including Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays and hours outside of normal working hours as required by his/her line manager. Weekend Allowances as approved by the Department of Local Government shall apply where appropriate.

5. The duties of the employment shall be those detailed in the description of the duties and such other duties appropriate to the employment as may be assigned by the Local Authority or the Department of Local Government from time to time. It should be noted that if the need arises, the Caretaker may be assigned to any other Water Services operational area in Laois at the discretion of the Senior Engineer in Water Services or his nominated deputy.

6. Appointee must be available for unscheduled attendances such as leaks, for response to treatment plant alarms etc and to respond to Incidents when required by their line manager at any time during seven day week.


Selection of candidates for appointment shall be by means of a competitive interview.

A panel may be formed on the basis of such interview. Candidates whose names are on a panel and who satisfy the Local Authority that they possess the qualifications declared and that they are otherwise suitable for appointment may within the life of the panel be appointed as appropriate vacancies arise.


When a person who is not already a permanent officer of a local authority is appointed the following provisions shall apply, that is to say –

(a) there shall be a period after such appointment takes effect during which such person shall hold such office on probation,

(b) such period shall be 10 months, but the Chief Executive may at his/her discretion extend such period,

(c) such person shall cease to hold such office at the end of a period of probation unless during such period the manager has certified that the service of such person in such office is satisfactory.


For the purposes of satisfying the requirement as to health it will be necessary for any new entrant to the Local Government Service, before he/she is appointed, to undergo at his/her expense a medical examination by a qualified medical practitioner to be nominated by the local authority. On taking up appointment, the expense of the medical examination will be refunded to the candidate.


In the course of their employment and whenever requested by the Council, the Water & Sewerage Caretaker may be required to undergo medical examinations and comply at their own expense with such remedial requirements as the Council considers necessary. Employment will not be continued in any case, where as a result of such medical examinations the Council considers the Water & Sewerage Caretaker is medically unfit to continue.

The Water & Sewerage Caretaker shall comply with the Laois County Council’s Safety Statement/Safety Management System (SMS). Each Caretaker will be provided with a Caretaker’s folder which includes all documents pertaining to Laois County Council’s SMS and the Caretaker shall have this folder readily accessible at all times.

He/she shall familiarize him/herself with all safety rules and procedures and make proper use of all issued safety clothing and equipment. He/She must report to his/her supervisor any defect noticed in the place of work, system of work or item of equipment that might be dangerous to safety, health and welfare. Failure to adhere to the SMS may result in disciplinary action.

A separate Site Folder will be retained at designated plants throughout the county. These folders shall be made readily available throughout the year for updates amendments and additions as the need arise.

The successful candidate will be required to undergo training from time to time subject to release by his/her line manager. Every effort shall be made to attend scheduled training and any reasons for non-attendance shall be communicated in a timely manner to his/her line manager.


The sick pay and pension schemes applicable to the Council’s employees generally will apply to this employment.


Granting of annual leave, payment for annual leave and arrangements for public holidays will be governed by the provisions of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997 and local agreements which may apply from time to time.


The Water & Sewerage Caretaker shall have on his/her person, at all times, a valid safepass card. Should the successful candidate not hold a valid safepass card, he/she shall endeavour to obtain a safepass card within a specified period of time.


The superannuation contributions of relevant scheme will apply.


The Single Public Service Pension Scheme (“Single Scheme”) as provided by the Public Service Pensions (Single Scheme and Other Provisions) Act 2012 commenced with effect from 1st January 2013. The act introduces new pension and retirement provisions for new entrants to the public service appointed on or after 1st January 2013. Pension age set initially at 66 years; this will rise in step with statutory changes in the SPC age to 67 years in 2021 and 68 years in 2028. The compulsory retirement age of 70 applies. Otherwise the retirement age of the relevant Scheme applies.





1. General Principles
1.1 The successful Operation and Maintenance of Water and Sewerage Schemes directly affect the health and welfare of users of these Services. Consequently close, effective and co-operative working relationships between all Water Services Staff and with other Local Authority Sections is required. In addition, developments, both Technological and Managerial, are a feature of these Services.
1.2 The Caretaker shall therefore carry out his/her duties in accordance with these principles, shall operate and maintain such relationships, and shall co-operate fully in the application of such developments to these Schemes when and where required.

2. Nature of Appointment
2.1 The Caretaker shall be responsible for the Scheme(s) for which he/she is appointed Caretaker under the control of Laois County Council, as well as any further extensions or additions thereto including private or Group Schemes taken over by the Council in the Area.
2.2 The Council reserves the right to add to or delete from the Scheme(s) allocated to the Caretaker or to change the Scheme(s) allocated to the Caretaker at its absolute discretion and without payment or any additional remuneration.
2.3 All duties of this position shall be deemed part of the Caretaker’s normal duties. All or any of the duties relating to this employment shall apply at the discretion of the Council.

3. Extent of Appointment
3.1 The Caretaker shall be responsible for the proper, effective and efficient operation and maintenance of the Scheme(s) for which he/she is appointed Caretaker, both as a whole and of the various parts, processes and individual items of equipment including, as may be applicable, all water sources, intakes, pumping station(s), booster station(s), treatment plant(s) reservoirs, collection/distribution networks, fittings, meters, instruments, control equipment and all related equipment associated therewith.
3.2 The Caretaker shall also be responsible for the proper and efficient operation, maintenance and working of all and any extensions, additions, improvements, and upgrading that may be installed or carried out subsequently, to the said Scheme(s) as a whole and of the various individual parts, as previously stated.
3.3 The Caretaker shall make himself/herself thoroughly conversant with the extent and working of the Scheme(s) and any extensions, additions, improvements, and upgrading thereto, the precise location and proper functioning of the various parts, all relevant Layouts, Drawings and all Technical Manuals or publications relating to the Scheme(s) both as a whole and to the various parts, processes and individual items of equipment associated therewith.
3.4 The Caretaker shall attend to the Scheme at all such times as may be necessary to ensure that the necessary performance of the scheme is maintained.

4. Routine Operation and Maintenance - Processes
4.1 The Caretaker shall ensure that all Mechanical, Electrical and Control Plant and Equipment is in good condition at all times and shall be responsible for its effective and efficient operation in accordance with all and any Technical Instruction and/or Operating and Maintenance Manuals provided and such further instructions as may be given by his/her line manager.
4.2 The Caretaker shall carry out all such regular inspections and routine maintenance tasks on all Mechanical, Electrical and Control Plant and Equipment as are set out in the relevant Technical Manuals in order to ensure all such schemes are operating properly.
4.3 The Caretaker shall take samples of the water and waste water and carry out all necessary analyses as set out in the relevant Technical Manuals and shall record all results obtained. In addition he/she shall carry out such further tests and checks as may be required by his/her line manager.
4.4 The Caretaker shall be responsible for keeping an adequate stock of chemicals, spare parts fittings etc., and for requisitioning such for other spares or fittings as may be required from time to time as recommended in the relevant Technical Manuals. In addition, he/she shall be responsible for keeping an adequate range of tools and other things, which will be provided by the Council, for the maintenance and upkeep of the Scheme(s).

5. Routine Operation and Maintenance - Networks
5.1 The Caretaker shall be responsible for the effective and efficient operation and maintenance of the entire water distribution network(s) and waste water collection network(s) and any future extensions and improvements thereto.
5.2 The Caretaker shall carry out regular and routine inspections of all pipelines and sewer lines and shall visit reservoirs and treatment plants daily to ensure adequate plant performance.
5.3 The Caretaker shall operate all sluice valves, air valves, hydrants and scour valves once monthly at least to ensure efficient working at all times and arrange for regular servicing of these fittings to be carried out.
5.4 The Caretaker shall scour out watermains and reservoirs through the scour valves and hydrants as directed by his/her line manager in order to keep them free from sediment.
5.5 The Caretaker shall be responsible for assisting Contractors and Council Repair Crews carrying out maintenance and repair to the Water and Wastewater Networks. Supervision is limited to ensuring that proper materials and workmanship is employed (e.g. a Contractor carrying out a connection to a public sewer).
5.6 The Caretaker shall carry out such regular daily chemical monitoring tests at locations throughout the watermain network as shall be necessary to confirm that the treatment processes are working properly and such additional tests as may be required by his/her line manager.
5.7 The Caretaker shall report immediately any damage, leakage or irregularity to his line manager.

6. Routine Operation and Maintenance - Premises and Sites
6.1 The Caretaker shall maintain interiors and exteriors of all treatment works, pumping stations, and other building in the Scheme(s) as set out above in good repair and in a clean and tidy condition. In particular, all buildings shall be kept in a clean condition on account of the nature and purpose of the Works.
6.2 The Caretaker shall keep all sites and grounds in the Scheme(s) as set out above in a clean and tidy condition.
6.3 The Caretaker shall ensure that necessary maintenance and repair work is carried out in a timely and efficient manner.

7. Connections
7.1 The Caretaker shall assist at all new connections, disconnections and tappings to watermains and ensure that all such operations are carried out properly.
7.2 The Caretaker shall inspect regularly all new connections and fittings for leakage or wastage and report any incidence of same or continuance of same.
7.3 The Caretaker shall immediately report to his line manager any illegal, unapproved or unauthorised connections to supply or service mains.
7.4 The Caretaker shall give adequate notice in the manner directed by his/her line manager to all persons whose premises are connected to the Scheme in the event of any foreseeable interruption of the service concerned.

8. Records
8.1 The Caretaker shall record daily the principal parameters of Process and Plant performance in order to enable management to be adequately informed of the performance of the water and sewage scheme(s). Such reports will include, but may not be limited to, volumes and characteristics of water/waste water treated, supplied and pumped, amounts of chemicals and electricity used, any fluctuations in the quantity of water/waste water used/treated per day, and such other parameters as may be relevant, and shall make reports or returns whenever required by his/her line manager from time to time.
8.2 The Caretaker shall record all plant, equipment and watermain/foul sewer inspections, regular or routine maintenance tasks carried out, new connections, disconnections, and extensions, weather, rainfall, number of tanker loads of sludge taken off site, visitors, telephone calls, deficiencies or problems encountered, and measures taken by him/her or by others to rectify such problems.
8.3 The Caretaker shall maintain a log of the Scheme(s) which shall include all the aforesaid records and shall keep all records at the appropriate Treatment Works or Pumping Plants in a Diary or on Report Forms and store them in an appropriate filing system, which will be supplied by the Council.
8.4 The Caretaker shall submit such weekly, monthly or yearly reports returns or other information in connection with the Scheme(s) to his line manager as may be directed setting out the performance parameters and related information of the aforesaid Treatment Plants, Pumping Plants and Mains Networks for the period directed.
8.5 The Caretaker shall keep all books, files, records and logs etc in a tidy and legible condition and shall ensure their completeness and availability for inspection by Management when required.
8.6 The Caretaker shall operate such electronic Data Acquisition and Monitoring facilities, including upgrades and changes to such systems, as may be provided for the efficient operation of the Schemes, the Works and their associated Pumphouses and Networks. This shall involve the connection and appropriate response to Alarm Condition signals where appropriate to a mobile phone or similar equipment if required and issued.

9. Driving & Safety
9.1 The care-taker shall be provided with a vehicle. This shall be used in the fulfilment of the post and in accordance with current Laois County Council Fleet and Fuel Card policies.
9.2 This vehicle shall be equipped with GPS for the purpose of fleet management.
9.3 The care-taker shall maintain and complete the Van Driver Walk-Around Check Sheet. Completed packs shall be returned to the relevant supervisor / line manager in order that a blank pack can be re-issued. Any defects or deficiencies shall be reported to their line manager.
9.4 The caretaker shall comply with the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Acts and relevant Health and Safety Statutory Instruments and codes of practice.
9.5 The care-taker shall maintain and refer to the Care-taker SMS Folder in the safe fulfilment of his / her duties, complete necessary documentation, risk assessments, induction and attend all training as required. Any deficiencies in, proposed alterations to, and / or recommendations for this SMS shall be notified immediately to their line manager
9.6 The care-taker shall be issued with and shall use that PPE deemed appropriate to the task.

10 Relationships and Reporting
10.1 The Caretaker shall carry out all directions that may be given by his line manager for the efficient working and proper Operation and Maintenance of the Scheme(s) for which he/she is appointed Caretaker.
10.2 The Caretaker shall advise their line manager of all deficiencies, failures of items of Plant, defects, requirements, waste, abuse or adjustments that may require attention, or any other matter that may affect the scheme or other problems which may arise and shall arrange for the carrying out of all measures necessary, with the approval of their line manager speedily to rectify such problems.
10.3 The Caretaker shall be available to respond to alarms and notifications sent to mobile phone or any other handheld unit, or any other emergency that might affect the proper working of the Schemes, in order to execute the directions of their line manager with regard to the manipulation of equipment, pumps, valves, meters etc. as may be necessary.

11. Other Duties
11.1 The Caretaker shall read water meters on all connections where they are installed when requested and in a timely manner, and shall supply such readings to the Water Services Section as directed by their line manager.
11.2 The Caretaker shall attend in Court and give evidence when required in all prosecutions or other Court Actions associated with the Schemes.
11.3 The Caretaker will be required to attend instruction and training provided by Irish Water in order to adequately perform duties under the Service Level Agreement.
11.4 The Caretaker shall co-operate in the use of new technology and equipment in operation either at present or in the future. In particular, this shall include use of mobile phone, HHUs and lone working devices.
11.5 The Caretaker shall carry out such other duties appropriate to the employment as may be assigned from time to time by the Local Authority, including the provision of cover for Caretakers on leave.
11.6 The Caretaker shall assist in the carrying out of surveys, wastewater inspections, water conservation programmes, and all other duties appropriate to the employment either during day or night as directed by their line manager.

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