What is your career background? 

I joined Westmeath County Council in 2007. I worked hard and took on responsibility and applied for various positions that became available over the years. I am currently operating the Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant in Athlone/Moate.


What does your role involve? 


My daily duties involve checking the system to ensure everything is operating correctly and doing a visual check over the plant. I take samples from the outlet and test for ammonia and phosphorus to make sure our results pass the operating licence of the plant.


I have various other duties to carry out to prevent any risk of discharge.  I also have to ensure that Health and safety is adhered to by staff and visitors at all times in the plant.

What are the most rewarding things about working for a local authority?

The most rewarding thing about my role is being able to help others and use my skills and experience to make the plant more efficient.    

Why should someone consider a career with their local authority?


Working with the local authority gives you the opportunity to develop your career and there are a variety of different sections to work in within the local authority. It’s a secure job and you are providing a service to your local community.