What is your educational / career background?


I completed my Leaving Certificate in 2015 and then went on to study Science Education in UCC but realised it was not something I wanted a career in. After doing the Leaving Cert my brother became an apprentice in aircraft mechanics and really enjoyed it, so I researched the apprenticeship route for myself. I was accepted onto the Accounting Technicians Ireland Apprenticeship and they arranged for me to do my work experience with Cork City Council.


What does your role involve?


I work four days a week in Cork City Council’s Financial Accounting Department and spend one day studying online with Cork College of Commerce. The work with the council varies a lot from week to week – I get experience in different areas of accounting and carry out tasks like preparing cash flow forecasts. It is great to get the practical experience and apply what you are learning in real-time.


What are the most rewarding things about working for a local authority?


I think it is really rewarding to do a job that supports your city or county. Every day is different and there are unique challenges to face, but there is also a lot of structure and support in place to help you do your work to your best ability.


Why should someone consider a career with their local authority?


I’ve found that there is a really good work environment here in the council. You can enjoy flexibility, and there’s lots of support from the team here. As well as my manager, I have a mentor to guide me through anything I need help with. That level of support and friendly, welcoming atmosphere is a big plus to someone like me who is starting out in their career.